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We live in a very fast paced world and as such in just a few years a once state-of-the-art office can feel like it's lagging behind. Refurbishing your office can be a fantastic way to breathe fresh life into your workplace.It can also be a great tool to help you attract new talent into your business,so here are 5 office refurbishment tips to give you a helping hand.

Plan For Tomorrow By Refurbishing Today

Office refurbishment services are a fantastic tool that your business can utilise to transform your current office into a stronghold of teamwork and excellence.

If you're looking to upgrade your working space to appeal to new talent, you'll have to design an office that attracts Generation Z whilst also providing a fantastic working environment for members of the older generation.

​5 Office Refurbishment Tips

1. Integrate Technology
The future is in technology. It might seem a little strange to say, but tech is all around us and it's only going to get more impressive. Make sure you incorporate lots of interesting options for technology into your office, such as USB power sockets which will allow employees the ability to plug in USB fans,Smartphones or other USB powered devices.

Generation Z are known as 'Digital Natives', so if you're trying to attract new talent to your office, refurbishing it to make good use of new technology is a great way to make your office appear more appealing.

2. Think About Efficiency
Efficiency is important for any business, but if you are trying to attract new talent, efficiency is very important. The digital natives of Generation Z grew up in the information age. Lots of information was easily accessible to them; many would say that they grew up in the age of Smartphones and smart technology.

However, refurbishing your office to boost efficiency isn't just a great way to attract young talent; it can be a great way to attract older and more experienced individuals to your business. All employees can benefit from an increase to efficiency, so if your office space isn't flowing as smoothly as it could, consider an office refurbishment service from Active; give us a call on +44(0)845 130 9066 and let's chat.

3. Concentration And Collaboration
This is a difficult decision for many employers. There are pros and cons to both open plan and private styles of office design, so which should you choose for your workplace?

Arguably, if you're trying to boost collaboration, you opt for open plan office spaces; whereas if you're trying to boost concentration, you create private office spaces. If you're trying to attract Generation Z employees, as a generation many believe they are very competitive. According to information on Forbes,“72% of Gen Z said that they are competitive with doing the same job". So how can you take advantage of this competitive nature and provide a space for both concentration and collaboration?

Perhaps this could be achieved through office refurbishment. Perhaps you could refurbish an office space to create two open plan offices, one designed around collaboration where employees can work together and discuss their projects and seek advice from others. The other is the 'quiet room'; the concentration room.A room where employees who prefer to work in the quiet or if they have a deadline approaching can use this room to complete their tasks in privacy.

You could use acoustic furniture to reduce noise and provide employees with the much privacy needed so that they can concentrate on the task at hand. If you would like to learn more about acoustics in the office, check out our blog, considering acoustics in the open plan office.

4. Refurbish Your Space To Embrace Flexible Hot-Desking Styles Of Work
Businesses who want to move forward into the future need to attract best new talent from the newer generations and attract the best talent of the previous generations.

It is believed that the digital natives of Generation Z value flexible working styles. Perhaps this is because they grew up in a world where it is easy to order groceries from your sofa at 10pm, or talk to a friend who lives in a country that has a drastically different time zone.

However, flexible working in a hot-desking environment doesn't just play into the strengths and skill sets of Generation Z. It also plays into the strengths of older generations. Millennial workers are starting to have families of their own and as such a flexible working environment can be a great way for members of older generations to find a good work/home balance. If you would like to learn more about hot-desking, you can read our blog, 5 Common Hot-desking mistakes and how to solve them.

5. Invest In Comfort
When considering an officere furbishment, comfort is very important; especially with regards to attracting new talent. If you invite potential candidates to an interview and they sit on uncomfortable furniture, what first impression will that leave them? First impressions count and Active has a fantastic office service to help, you can visit our Furnish page to learn more about our office furnishing service.

Comfort plays a large role in creating a productive working environment.Comfortable office chairs, high quality computer peripherals and comfortable furniture in the break room are just three examples of how you can increase comfort in the workplace.

By investing in comfort, you can provide your current employees and your future employees with a comfortable workplace experience where they can relax,concentrate and collaborate.

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