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6 Signs Your Business’s Location Isn’t Working Anymore

Businesses relocate for numerous different reasons. Here are 6 signs that your business should consider relocating to a new workplace.

  • Your Team Is Growing
    If your team is growing too large for your current location and refurbishing your workplace will not be sufficient, you’ll need to find a larger space. Sometimes finding a commercial property and contacting an office design business can be confusing; instead you can simplify your relocation process using our managed offices.
    We’ll take care of searching for your ideal property, designing the new workspace and relocating your business, so you can relax and enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your business’ office relocation needs are being handled by the skilled and dedicated team of professionals at Active.
  • Your Business Is Not Located Close To Your Customers
    If you’re a business that needs to meet with clients on a frequent basis, paying for company trips to visit clients can be very expensive if you are not located close to them. For example, if your business is based in the North East of England but the majority of your customers and clients are based in London or the nearby areas, it might be worthwhile to consider relocating your office to the South of England in order to be closer to your customers.
  • You Want To Access New Talent
    If you’re trying to access new talent, perhaps it might be beneficial for your business to relocate to a new location so that you can access a new talent pool.
    Perhaps you’re interested in moving towards a large city area such as London, Birmingham or Manchester. This way you can access a pool of talented individuals in a different location. However, if you’re searching for a new office building in a new area, it might be beneficial to consider utilising a managed offices service from active, so you don’t have to be worried about searching for a property in a new area.
  • You Want To Find Better Value For Money
    If your current area is proving too expensive for your business, it might be a good idea to relocate to a more affordable area. With our managed offices service, our team will negotiate with local commercial estate agents in order to find both the right property for your business and negotiate the best price.
  • You Want To Change Your Business’ Image
    If you want to turn over a new page with your business and reinvent the company, sometimes searching for a new location can help with the rebranding process. This could also provide you with a fantastic opportunity to transform your company culture. For example, if you want to rebrand your business to better express a vintage theme, perhaps you could relocate to a building with some period features. Alternatively if you want to rebrand your business to be more up-to-date with the latest innovations in tech, you could move to a new location with lots of contemporary design features.
    During the first step of our managed offices service we will learn about what you’re searching for in an office environment. Using this information we will be able to find an office location that meets the needs of your business. So if you’re searching for a new office space to rebrand and ‘turn over a new leaf’, using a managed offices solution from Active could help you to find a fantastic office space to provide a wonderful home for your business in the next chapter of its story.
  • You’re Feeling Bored With Your Current Location
    Being stuck in the same office building for years could result in feelings of exhaustion with the working environment. Relocating your business to a new office that better represents your business’ brand and better provides for your employees needs could be the boost your business needs to move onto the next chapter of your business’ story.
    However, finding the right property can be difficult; before completing your office relocation you might also have to consider services such as office design, furnishing, relocation and maintenance. So save yourself some time, relax and handle all your office needs with our managed offices service.

Considering Moving Office? Have You Thought About A Managed Offices Service?

If you’re searching for a new place of work for your business, you might be in interested in Active’s service for managed offices. Our managed offices solution includes the following steps:

  • We start the process by taking a brief. This enables us to learn about what you’re searching for in an office location for your business.
  • The next step is to find a location for your business to relocate to. We do this by working alongside local commercial estate agents to find the right property and negotiate the best price. In addition to this, we also source all utilities and services in order to get the best deal possible.
  • After finding the office space, we will design and furnish the workplace according to your requirements. This includes a furnishing it with stylish and practical modern office furniture.
  • After your office is ready, we’ll move you in and maintain the office space using our fantastic ‘office handyman’ service, Fix It.

A Professional Managed Offices Solution From The Friendly And Dedicated Active Team

There are numerous advantages to choosing to find your new office location using the managed offices solution from Active. We are a very skilled business who has provided office services for numerous businesses throughout our many years of experience. So, if you are upsizing, downsizing, refreshing or relocating; the Active team can design, build, furnish, manage, move and fix your place of work.

So if you’re searching for a professional managed offices service and you would like to learn more about the office solutions that are available from Active, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Perhaps you have some questions that you would like to ask our team about our numerous office services or perhaps you would like to make an enquiry.

So, if you need some assistance, have any questions that you would like to ask our team or if you are interested in our managed offices service, our friendly and dedicated team will be happy to help.

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