5 Things to Consider when choosing the right office furniture

Today's furniture goes far beyond functionality. With a vast amount of office furniture now available it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what's important when looking for the right office furniture for your company. Active discuss 5 things to consider when choosing the right furniture for your workplace…

1) Brand identity
It is all well and good having a piece of office furniture that suits its function, but it must also reflect your brand identity and company culture. Branding can be mirrored through the use of corporate colours, shapes or an overall image. For example, if you are a modern tech company you would opt for vibrant and contemporary furniture, whereas if your company is a very traditional law firm you would choose something more warming and conventional to reflect your company values.

2) Comfort
Comfort is a must. Although somewhat obvious, it can be tempting to choose something that is aesthetically pleasing despite its compromise of comfort. With the average office worker allegedly sat for approximately 8 hours a day, it is crucial that seating is comfortable and supports the user ergonomically. Striking a balance between aesthetics and comfort is essential to ensure the wellbeing and productivity of your staff.

3) Flexibility
With today's office becoming increasingly flexible, along with the introduction of a more agile working style, it is important that your furniture is multifunctional and suits a range of purposes. For example, break out furniture that also serves as a casual meeting space, storage that doubles up as a cosy seating area.

4) Employee needs
Probably the most important factor to consider when sourcing office furniture is whether it supports the needs of your employees. Over the last few years, employee happiness and wellbeing has been recognised as a top priority for companies with the link between wellbeing and productivity becoming ever more apparent. It is also essential to acknowledge this is not a 'one size fits all' approach and employee's needs might vary.

5) Quality
Quality doesn't need to be expensive. By investing in good quality furniture you are not only investing in your employees but providing furniture that will last and stand the test of time.

At Active we work with a wide range of the UK's leading furniture suppliers to bring our customers stylish, ergonomic furniture built to last!
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